Intraocular Lens (IOL Type Detail)
Intraocular Lens (IOL Type Detail)

It is an artificial lens that is implanted during cataract surgery. It is made up of acrylic material and can be folded and inserted into the eye. Once inside the eye, the IOL unfolds to its original size and shape. Following are the types of IOLs available :

Monofocal IOL :
Monofocal IOL

Distant vision becomes clear but have to wear spectacles for near vision.These are standard IOLs implanted in the eye after cataract surgery for correction of distance vision only.

Monofocal Aspheric IOL :
Monofocal Aspheric IOL

Improves contrast and image becomes more sharp and bright.Also better quality of vision in dim light.

Multifocal IOL :
Multifocal IOL

It improves distant intermediate & near vision.Specialized IOLs. Patients are totally free of glasses for distance, intermediate and near vision for all routine purposes.

Toric IOL :
Toric IOL

It corrects cornical astigmatism so it improves quality of vision in patient with high astigmatism ( Cylinder power ). These are monofocal IOLs implanted in patients with pre-existing astigmatism and cataract. Provides spectacle free vision even when patients had astigmatism before surgery. Most commonly used is the Toric IOL.

Multifocal Toric IOL :
Multifocal Toric IOL

Combine advantages of multifocal & Toric IOL. As the name suggests, these Toric IOLs are implanted in patients with pre-existing astigmatism and cataract. They provide spectacle-free vision at all ranges of work, distance, near and intermediate.